The manufacturing of windshields involves three major steps. First, raw glass is cut and grind along edges by an automated CNC machine. Then the cut glasses are paired and moved along a bending furnace to achieve the required curve as per car’s model. After that, the glasses are cleaned, a PVB film is placed between two glasses and it is passes through a Vacuum Chamber at 135 degree Celsius which makes the film transparent and binds the glasses together giving us strong, windshields..


It is usually harder to find a job when you are not in one, so do the best you can to find something while in a job. Attend events and network like Tell people what you do and that you are open to new challenges.

Stephen Colbert Gives That ’Hi Stranger’ Claymation Video A Donald Trump Twist

As if that ?Hi Stranger? claymation video wasn?t weird enough.

On Friday, the ?Late Show with Stephen Colbert? gave artist Kirsten Lepore?s bizarre clip that swept across the web last week a Donald Trump twist. 

But be warned, you will not be able to unsee the cartoon president whispering sweet nothings to camera. 

Check out the segment above, and see how it compares to Lepore?s original below:

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My Mom Gave Me The Best Wedding Gift Of All, And It Didn’t Cost A Dime

There?s a piece of advice my mom gave me before my wedding ? long before I was engaged, even. I?ve passed the wisdom on to other friends who married both before and after me.

It goes like this: Before each big moment ? walking down the aisle, being introduced as a married couple for the first time, toasting the marriage during speeches ? take a mental picture in your head. Use your eyes to mimic the flash of a camera shutter. Blink, we?re doing our first dance. Blink, we?re feeding each other wedding cake. 

My mom says she used this trick ? really an exercise in mindfulness, long before it became a buzzword ? at her own wedding over thirty years ago and remembers the day with great clarity. She recalls seeing my dad at the end of the aisle as she entered the synagogue with her mother, my father stepping on the glass as is custom at Jewish weddings while the guests yelled ?Mazel Tov!? She remembers being introduced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs., cutting the cake and asking my dad not to smush it all over her face (he put a dollop on her cheek instead). She talks about taking portraits before the ceremony at the Bel Air Hotel and retreating there at the end of the night; my husband and I chose to do the same to capture a bit of their wedding magic on our own big day.  

But it?s really her advice that brought the magic. Sure, the wedding was only seven months ago, but I remember it in vivid detail ? it didn?t pass by in a whoosh like other friends and colleagues described. The night goes by fast, but making a conscious effort to be in the moment helped me memorialize both the big and little moments that made the day so special: walking down the steps of our high school where my husband and I first met to snap some photos by our lockers. Seeing our reception space for the first time, taking in all the beauty and hard work that made it happen. Singing softly to each other as we did our first dance. Feeling immensely loved by all our family and friends who had counted down as eagerly to the wedding as we had; my mom actually recalls the same of her big day. 

Below, I?ve shared photos of some of the treasured moments I took snapshots of in my head. But my takeaway is this: Don?t let the day pass you by. Do whatever you can to be present and in the moment ? even if it requires a few extra blinks here and there.

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News Roundup for March 21, 2017

Ya news, ya lose.

1. Ivanka Trump is getting her own office in the White House. Although she won?t be a government employee, which directly contradicts President Trump?s claims on the campaign trail. What a surprise… More here.

2. Sinn F?in politician, Martin McGuinness has died. McGuinness was instrumental in negotiating the Good Friday Agreement which brought peace to Northern Ireland. More here.

3. Large electronics have been banned on flights to the US from Muslim majority countries. So next time you think about flying with your LED TV as a carry on, think again. More here.

4. YouTube has apologized for labelling LGBTQ videos as restricted, saying it was an error. Ya blew it, YouTube. More here.

5. AI can now identify racist code words used online. This means AI is now reading at a more advanced level than POTUS. More here.

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What the what

We went to visit our friend who lives in New York city and studies Information Technology and computer sciences. Since he studies technology he is always on par with the latest tech and is very invested in his devices. He owns a Microsoft surfacebook which is tha latest Microsoft has to offer in the tech world For head lice treatment in Boston, take it to the professionals.. It was a great experience, the fast performance of the laptop was mesmerizing since i hadn’t used before such a powerful device in such a small form factor, including the great input device the surfacedial the time i spent was so joyful and fast passed. We are thinking for our self to get invested in the windows market. Possibly not with a surface book but surely a surface pro tablet would be very nice. microsoft

black coffee

Where are some of the people that we looked for this last week. We were finding that while there are some that really like us, there are many people that are just like their coffee black…just like we do! First time I had it like that was at
the Cafe Au Lait Oly in Olympia.


We love going on sites that shows the earth and the great things that are around in by. It’s amazing to see God’s creation.