15 Times Brooke Shields Captured The Highs And Lows Of Motherhood

Brooke Shields is no stranger to the highs and lows of parenting.

The actress and her husband, Chris Henchy, have two daughters, 14-year-old Rowan and 11-year-old Grier. Over the years, Shields has been incredibly open about her experiences as a mother ? from her battle with postpartum depression (the subject of her 2005 memoir Down Came the Rain) to her parenting rules to her hopes for her children. 

In honor of her birthday this week, we?ve compiled some of her most honest and touching quotes about parenthood.

On her fears as a mother

?I?m terrified that I?m not really understanding who they are, and that maybe one day they won?t feel like they can come to me ? that I will somehow fail them … I don?t know if you overcome it. The way I try to get through it is by talking to other moms. Either someone will do something that?s seemingly worse, and I?ll think, ?At least I didn?t do that,? but then someone will do something better and I think, ?I?ve gotta learn that, I?ve got to do that instead!??

On her advice for new parents

?Don?t be afraid to ask for help and don?t be too hard on yourself. If you think that everybody else has it figured out and you?re the only one that?s going crazy or yelling or feeling like you can?t do it all ? you?re not alone.?

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On living in the moment

?They?re not going to remember Mom was tired. They?re going to remember I did the weather chart or story time at school. So you just do it. And you?re tired … It?s the mundane stuff that is important.?

On playdates and raising grounded kids

?If you?re not polite, you can?t come to my house. Manners [represent] respect and kindness. I want people to like my kids, and if they?re bratty, they?ll have a harder time in life.?

On the beauty of parenthood

?Once you love someone that much, you think, god, why did I do this to myself? It?s so heart-wrenching! And then you realize: It?s so heart-wrenching. That?s why I did it to myself.?

On her decision to speak out about her postpartum depression

?Because nobody was talking about postpartum depression, and women were suffering all the time. I wanted to educate women who were suffering and families of women who were suffering.?

On being a celebrity parent

?You know, the only reason why it seems like it?s more challenging is because it?s in the public eye to a certain extent and it?s scrutinized, but that is such a minor percentage. Really the challenges are just about being a mom. All moms have them, and nobody?s exempt.?

On staying calm as a mother

?Every day there?s a new challenge. My new thing is not screaming and not screaming back at them. I would engage in an absolute fight, and my husband would say, ?What?s wrong with you? Why are you fighting with them?? … Chris, my husband, calls it FOFO ? Find Out Before You Freak Out. So before I react, I?m now trying to just count to 10.? 

On how becoming a mom changed her life

?It took having a child, for me to feel like I belong, that I?m normal.?

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On embracing imperfection as a parent

?I would have thought that I would have become one of those parents ? just because it?s my nature to be such a perfectionist ? that anything falling short, I would have seen as a failure. But something has happened to me over the past few years ? it?s not Zen, believe me, I?m not at all Zen ? but I?m so appreciative of even the chaos. It?s not about being perfect; it?s about being engaged.?

On work-life balance

?I had a moment where I realized I was spending all of my free time, which is so little, doing events and going to charities. I wasn?t putting my kids to bed at all. When you?re doing theatre it?s almost impossible to put them to bed and it really threw me for a loop. I have to work so when I?m not working, it?s easy to get caught up and say, oh, I?ll do that charity or I?ll do that thing for you. And your kids are with the babysitter and it?s heartbreaking.?

On how having kids changed her attitude toward her career

?Being a mom puts the rejection of being an actress in perspective.?


On mom peers

?I get support from other moms and my therapist. It is only as important to connect with mom peers as it gives you comfort. If and when it gets competitive, it becomes toxic.?

On how parenthood shifts your priorities

?However, having my first daughter obliterated me. It took away all my power. All of a sudden I was experiencing something so foreign, which I had no response for. I had no resources to rely on. It was not simply about being the good girl, or being polite, or doing my job. A little human being was involved.?

On the joys of raising children

?What I love most is being able to wake up in the morning with these innocent and truthful little people.?

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An Open Letter To Gwyneth Paltrow About GOOP

Dear Ms. Paltrow,

I understand you recently said that anyone who is going to f*ck with you better bring their A game.

FullSizeRender (4)


I?m pretty sure you don?t mean comment on your recipes but rather the growing exasperation from medical professionals and journalists alike at the almost constant debunking of the health ?advice? and all around medical bullshit that you and your pals at GOOP promote and sell. No, we don?t have adrenal fatigue we have goopitis.

When I tell you that alcohol is a toxin I am not f*cking with you I am being factual. Do you really think everything in the world is a toxin except alcohol and botulinum toxin? You worry so much about toxins that you constantly need to ?cleanse,? but if someone were to get inTOXICated at your worried wellness GOOP cash grab in June you?ve got them covered with an intravenous. There are only three ways that wasted wellness fits in with your toxin phobia, you are incapable of understanding the definition of toxin, you are under the mind control of charlatans, or you are willfully spreading misinformation. I?m happy to entertain a fourth if you?ve got one.



From the latest GOOP book, Botox an actual toxin not listed as a toxin.


What do you possibly have to gain by spreading lies to women about bras causing breast cancer? Ever had a breast cancer survivor cry in your office worried that she caused her cancer by wearing bras for 20 years? Probably not. I have. When you give your platform to crackpot theories about bras and breast cancer you are literally f*cking with breast cancer survivors. Is this fun for you? Is this your A game? And no, it?s not an ?alternative theory? or ?backed by research.? This kind of fear mongering causes so much distress that researchers have to do special studies even though the idea is biologically implausible and not supported by the myriad of research already available. I can think of better ways to spend those breast cancer research dollars.

From tampons to tomatoes to toxic lube your website is a scare factory. Literally. It?s either made up (often poorly, but with liberal use of the word toxin) or someone?s hypothesis with little to no supporting data. Tampons are not vaginal death sticks, vegetables with lectins are not killing us, vaginas don?t need steaming, Epstein Barr virus (EBV) does not cause every thyroid disease, and for f*ck?s sake no one needs to know their latex farmer what they need to know is that the only thing between them and HIV or gonorrhea is a few millimeters of latex so glove that shit up. Here?s an A game pro tip for you, if you are writing a ?sex post? use an expert who actually knows that the WHO has guidelines on lubricants. Your post on lubes is so bad it?s a joke.

You have the gall to tell people like me that we better bring our A game when you bring ghosts and magic to the table. Literally. You promote a ghost whisperer and crystals and of course jade eggs that one recharges with energy from the moon. Really, a dude who talks with ghosts, Naturopaths, and a jade eggthusiast who has a certification from the school she founded is on your A squad?


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.36.02 AM

Crystals absorb information? Uh, yeah. No.


Did you ever wonder why the only medical experts you interview or promote are fear mongers who coincidentally have something to sell? Candida! Lectins! Parasites! I regret that I have to be the one to inform you my dear, but the sky is not falling. Have you ever asked yourself, ?Why are my only experts in concierge practices?? or ?Why aren?t there any doctors who work at a University who think EBV causes every thyroid disease?? or ?Wow, I wonder if there could be something to all this criticism from people with tons of letters after their names and maybe I should at least read up a bit as this is my mission?? or ?Why doesn?t Medicaid cover goat milk therapy?? If you commented on my acting or told me how to pose for a headshot I?d listen because you are an expert in those areas.

And ancient therapies? Girl, you love those. This means that you want your medicine from before we understood that bacteria and viruses were a thing, like when people thought tuberculosis was caused by vampires? What about trepanation or drinking Gladiators? blood? Those are ancient therapies. Are they in your rotation? Honestly, it?s like you and your experts use Horrible Histories as a reference.

Your goopshit bothers me because it affects my patients. They read your crackpot theories and they stop eating tomatoes (side note, if tomatoes are toxic why do Italians have a longer life expectancy than Americans?) or haven?t had a slice of bread for two years, they spend money on organic tampons they don?t need, they ask for unindicted testing for adrenal fatigue (and often pay a lot via copayments or paying out-of-pocket), or they obsess that they have systemic Candida (they don?t). I have a son with thyroid disease and I worry that in a few years he might read the kind of batshit crazy thyroid theories you promote and wonder if he should stop his medication and try to cure the chronic EBV that he doesn?t have. I also worry that science will have to spend more and more resources disproving snake oil as opposed to testing real hypotheses. I worry that you make people worry and that you are lowering the world?s medical I.Q.

It is hard for people to hear that what they are doing medically is a waste of time. Trust me, I have to tell people they can get the same pelvic floor with free Kegel exercises as they can with your $66 jade egg. I have to tell people that they could have eaten bread and had a beer now and then because they don?t have systemic Candida and even if they did that wouldn?t have been how we would treat it. I know it is hard for you to hear that goat milk can?t cure the parasites causing the adrenal fatigue that you don?t have, probably even more so for you because the paranoia pathway and worried wellness pay swell. However, have you ever wondered why a woman (meaning you) who can work out for hours, eats a reportedly healthy diet, lives in a meticulous house, and isn?t overweight is simply so ill with adrenal fatigue, toxins, and parasites? Could it possibly be that you are getting bad medical advice? It is also entirely possible that you are just laughing all the way to the bank.

It does not take my A game to counter the snake oil, biologically implausible theories, incorrect information, and magic that you and GOOP pass off as health advice. Really, I?m not sure it even takes my C game. It might take a game, like Clue, but that?s about it.

We?re not f*cking with you we?re correcting you and you know what? We?re not going to stop.





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Dad’s Video Shows How Hilariously Bad Toddlers Are At Hide And Seek

Little kids can be hilariously bad at hiding. Dad and vlogger La Guardia Cross recently learned this firsthand. 

In his latest video, ?Hide and Seek Fail,? Cross shows what happens when he tried to teach his 2-year-old daughter, Amalah, how to play hide and seek. Put simply, her skills leave much to be desired. 

Watch the full video above for a perfect glimpse into toddler hide and seek antics ? and see what happens when his newborn daughter gets involved. 

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2017 Dean

Webb Simpson’s steely eyed performance Saturday during the third round of the Dean & DeLuca Invitational might have looked easy but don’t be fooled.

Gregg Allman, Classic Rock Legend Of The Allman Brothers Band, Dead

Gregg Allman, one of the two brothers from legendary rock band the Allman Brothers Band, has died. He was 69.

He ?passed away peacefully at his home in Savannah, Georgia,? according to a statement on Allman?s official website. ?Gregg struggled with many health issues over the past several years. During that time, Gregg considered being on the road playing music with his brothers and solo band for his beloved fans, essential medicine for his soul. Playing music lifted him up and kept him going during the toughest of times.?

Allman was born on Dec. 8, 1947, in Nashville. He was also born a ramblin? man, if his band?s 1973 classic rock hit was any indication. He, along with his brother Duane, helped to create one of the most successful classic rock bands of all time. With that came not just music, but drugs, women and ? at times ? tragedy, including the early death of Duane.

In his later years, Allman developed hepatitis C, and suffered from an irregular heartbeat and a respiratory infection and had to have a liver transplant. In 2017, he canceled a planned summer tour, sparking worries about his health. 

Allman was born to Willis Allman, a WWII veteran who stormed Normandy Beach, came back to his bride after the war, and had two sons. His father?s life was cut short when Gregg was just 2 years old. After Willis Allman offered a stranger a ride home from a bar one night, the man fatally shot him in the back.

Neither Gregg nor Duane showed any interest in emulating their father?s military career. The boys hated the military school their mother sent them to, but found their footing in music while there, according to Rolling Stone.

?I learned to play mostly from black people,? Allman told The Guardian in 2015. ?We used to listen to a station that called itself ?The black spot on your dial.? It played Muddy Waters and Howlin? Wolf, and it hit Duane and me like spaghetti hitting a wall.?

By the time the Allman Brothers Band was formed in 1969, Gregg and Duane were legitimate country hippies ? long-haired, drug-smoking free-loving spirits. Duane played guitar, with Gregg on vocals. Other founding members of the band included drummers ?Butch? Trucks and Jai ?Jaimoe? Johnny Johnson, along with ?Dickey? Betts on guitar and Berry Oakley on bass.

The Allman Brothers Band blended country, jazz, blues and Southern rock in such seamless riffs, pounding drums and twangy vocals that it earned them a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, and a Lifetime Achievement award at the Grammys in 2012. The movie ?Almost Famous? was also, in part, inspired by the band.

The Allman Brothers Band produced their biggest hits in the late ?60s and early ?70s, including ?Ramblin? Man,? ?Midnight Rider? and ?Whipping Post.? During this time, the band experimented heavily with drugs and attracted many groupies on tour.

?Gregg was just a pretty boy,? drummer Butch Trucks told Rolling Stone in 1999. ?He had blond hair, and the girls were hanging all over him.?

In his book My Cross To Bear, Gregg bragged about his sexual exploits.

?I would have women in four or five different rooms,? Allman wrote about staying in hotels while on tour. ?Mind you, I wouldn?t lie to anybody; I?d just say, ?I?ll be right back.??

During those earlier years, he and his bandmates were also experimenting with drugs, including (but not limited to) PCP, cocaine and speed. The band loved psychedelic mushrooms so much, they made them their unofficial logo and tattooed a mushroom on each of their calves, according to Rolling Stone.

In 1971, just as the band found itself being propelled into stardom, Duane Allman died in a motorcycle accident. He was  24.

?Duane was the king of laughter, always making jokes,? Gregg Allman told The Guardian in 2015. ?You?ve got to keep laughing. It was what Duane would have done, and wanted us to do.?

At Duane?s funeral, Gregg played songs on his older brother?s antique guitar.

?This is a very old guitar, a very beautiful piece,? he said to a crowd of 300. ?It was made in 1920 and I?m very proud to have it. And I?m very proud that you all came.?

In 1975, Allman married singer Cher in Las Vegas. The marriage lasted nine days, ending after Allman allegedly pulled a knife on her while trying to score heroin. They reconciled after learning Cher was pregnant with their son, Elijah Blue.

In 1977, Cher divorced Allman for good. The final straw was reportedly at an awards show, when Allman passed out face-first in a plate of spaghetti.

?Every now and then,? Allman wrote in his 2012 memoir, ?I?ll think of all the hell I caused other people over the years.? 

Allman eventually embraced sobriety. 

?I?m doing great,? Allman told the Savannah Morning News in 2013. ?I?ve been clean and sober for 19 years.?

Rest easy, midnight rider. 

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story gave the wrong year of Allman?s birth. Language has also been changed regarding Allman?s role in ?Rambling Man.?

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