Get Ready For A ‘Golden Girls’ Version Of The Classic Game Clue

It?s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since ?The Golden Girls? concluded its award-winning seven-season run. 

The NBC series, of course, has amassed a cult following in its years of syndication. Since the show wrapped in 1992, fans eager for more ?Golden Girls? have found solace in drag parodies, a podcast, a coloring book, a long-running puppet show and even a restaurant

Soon you?ll be able to enjoy Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose in your living room once again ? albeit not on your television screen. The fab foursome will star in a new incarnation of the classic board game Clue, which hits stores in June, Nerdist reported Tuesday

?Clue: The Golden Girls? swaps the original?s New England mansion setting for the girls? iconic Miami home. The object of this version of the game may be even more exasperating than solving a murder for ?Golden Girls? fans: figuring out who ate the last piece of cheesecake. 

?There is little in this life that is as endearing to people as ?The Golden Girls,? but seeing the ruthless side of those salty octogenarians in this high-energy game is the best part,? representatives from USAopoly Inc., which is producing the game under license from Hasbro and ABC, said in a press release. ?Trust us when we tell you that you?ll solve the crime, but getting there is half (or all!) the fun … and as anyone who loves cheesecake knows, there?s no stopping until this heinous atrocity gets the justice it deserves.? 

In addition to the four women, the suspects include Dorothy?s ex-husband, Stan, and Rose?s longtime beau, Miles, both of whom were series regulars. A feathered slipper, a bathrobe, a tube of lipstick and even Sophia?s purse are among the ?weapons? that the suspects may have used to consume said cheesecake.  

Clue has gotten a colorful makeover before. Other special editions of the game have featured characters from ?The Big Bang Theory,? ?Game of Thrones? and Disney?s Haunted Mansion ride.

Still, if ?Clue: The Golden Girls? doesn?t give you incentive to get your holiday shopping started early, we don?t know what will. 

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Gloria Steinem: Nobody Wakes Up And Says ‘I Think I’ll Have An Abortion’

For the record: Gloria Steinem is not ?pro-abortion.?

On Tuesday, the feminist icon and activist sat down with the AP before speaking at a gala fundraiser for Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio. The event welcomed over 1,000 people for the Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio?s 100th anniversary. 

Ohio is not only Steinem?s home state but also a long-held battleground for reproductive rights. According to the AP, anti-abortion rights group Ohio Right To Life has described Steinem as a ?radical pro-abortion icon.?

In response to Ohio Right To Life?s description, Steinem told the AP that there?s no such thing as being ?pro-abortion.?

?If [Ohio Right To Life] supported me, I?d know I was doing something wrong. It?s obviously ridiculous to say somebody is ?pro-abortion.? Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, ?I think I?ll have an abortion. It?s a pleasurable experience,?? Steinem said. ?The question is not pro-abortion or anti-abortion, the question is who makes the decision: a woman and her physician, or the government.?

In another interview with the Columbus Dispatch during the same event, Steinem described reproductive health as a human right. 

?This is the most basic right, therefore it?s often the most contested. The first step in every hierarchal system is controlling reproduction and controlling women?s bodies,? Steinem told the paper. ?I do think we?re on the way to understanding reproductive freedom as a basic human right… but we?re not there yet.?

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Investigation Shows Yale Isn’t The Climate-Conscious Investor It Claims To Be

Yale University touts itself as a socially and environmentally responsible investor and has been celebrated for taking steps to distance its financial portfolio from certain fossil fuels. But it remains heavily invested in oil and gas ? to the tune of several hundred million dollars ? according to an investigation by its own employees and students.

UNITE HERE Local 33, a union of graduate employees, and Fossil Free Yale, a student group pushing for the Ivy League school to divest completely from the oil and gas industry, confronted the university with their findings in a Tuesday letter to Yale?s chief investment officer, David Swensen.

Their analysis of Yale?s $25 billion in endowment investments show that at the same time the university has been publicly positioning itself as a leader in climate-conscious investing, it was profiting off the fossil fuel industry, Elias Estabrook, a spokesperson for Fossil Free Yale, told HuffPost. 

Local 33 and Fossil Free Yale said that since Swensen in 2014 urged the university?s investment partners to consider climate change in future financial decisions, Yale has continued to hold numerous investments related to energy extraction.

In June 2016, for example, Yale held $230 million worth of stock in Antero Resources Corporation, a Denver-based oil and gas company with extensive hydraulic fracturing operations, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings. And as recently as June 2015, the university had around $110 million invested with ARC Financial Corp., a major Canadian private equity management company that specifically focuses on energy, according to Yale?s latest available tax filing. 

The Connecticut university also had $53.7 million invested in Merit Energy Company, a privately held oil and gas producer, according to the company?s latest tax filing. And the school owned roughly $2 million worth of shares in Whitehaven Coal, the Australian company behind the controversial open-pit Maules Creek coal mine in South Whales, according to a website on which Local 33 shares its information on Yale?s investment assets.

The findings suggest Yale isn?t walking the walk, even as it has made major announcements about its commitment to sustainability and the role it plays in addressing climate change. And given the complexity of the university?s endowment model ? in recent decades, it has shifted away from investments in publicly traded companies and toward private equity investing representatives of Local 33 and Fossil Free Yale say its possible they?ve only scratched the surface of the school?s fossil fuel holdings.

In August 2014, Swensen wrote to each of the university?s fund managers about how climate change influences the university?s investment program. He said his office ?bases its approach to global warming on the conclusion that greenhouse gas emissions pose a grave threat to human existence,? and recognizes that ?climate change (caused by deforestation and emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and other gases) creates a substantial risk of significant changes to the world?s ecosystem.?? That made ?consideration of the impact of climate change essential when evaluating investment opportunities,? he said.

Although Swensen did not call for divestment, he urged the school?s external endowment managers to ?assess the greenhouse gas footprint of prospective investments? as they invest funds.

Yale spokesman Thomas Conroy, responding to Tuesday?s letter from the two school groups, cited a 2014 statement in which the school declined to recommend divestment but took note of Swensen?s guidance on the issue.

Asked to comment on specific financial holdings, Conroy said, ?Yale does not disclose or comment on its investments.?

Like many other universities, Yale?s board of trustees, known formally as Yale Corporation, has resisted calls that it divest from fossil fuels. The Yale Corporation Committee on Investor Responsibility, which advises the board on policy matters concerning ethical investing, in August 2014 argued that divestment was a misguided and ineffective approach to addressing the climate crisis. It said the school would have its ?greatest impact? on the issue through its core mission of research, scholarship and education.

However, it adopted new guidelines saying Yale ?will generally support reasonable and well-constructed shareholder resolutions? that seek ?company disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions, analyses of the impact of climate change on a company?s business activities, strategies designed to reduce the company?s long-term impact on the global climate, and company support of sound and effective governmental policies on climate change.?

In April 2016, Swensen announced in a second letter that Yale had identified several investment partners that held positions ?inconsistent? with its policies on climate change. Two investors responded by divesting around $10 million of the school?s endowment from coal and oil sands operations.

Some environmentalists celebrated the move. Bill McKibben, a leader in the fossil-fuel divestment movement, called it a ?key day? in that effort.? Others, however, criticized what they saw as a decision based on economics rather than ethics. At the time, a communications director for Fossil Free Yale called the announcement ?progress,? but ?not divestment,? according to Yale News.

That ?partial divestment? prompted Local 33 and Fossil Free Yale to look more closely at Yale?s holdings. 

?We were very surprised to discover that in fact the university, through its endowment investments, remains bullish on fossil fuels and continues to invest in fossil fuels and in the carbon economy,? Aaron Greenberg, chair of Local 33, told HuffPost. 

?There are so many of these examples where it seems like Yale is waiting until the science screams at them about how environmentally unsustainable these investments are, and not on their own evaluating significant environmental and social risks,? he said. 

Greenberg and Estabrook say all of the investments in the disclosure reports are troubling ? particularly the 2015 stock acquisition in fracking giant Antero. The natural gas industry has come under increased scrutiny for its release of methane, a greenhouse gas far more potent that carbon dioxide, and potential impacts of fracking on drinking water. In its most recent SEC disclosure, filed Monday, Yale maintained Antero shares valued at $91 million.

With its Antero stock, Yale is ?in effect gambling that short term profits outweigh the possibility that science would reveal long-term harm to the earth?s climate,? argue Local 33 and Fossil Free Yale

The groups also spotlight Yale?s stake in Whitehaven Coal through the $591 million the school has invested with Farallon Capital Management LLC, Whitehaven?s largest shareholder, according to the university?s latest tax disclosure. The Maules Creek coal mine, which opened in 2015, was a scene of mass protest over deforestation and threats to endangered species, with activists chaining themselves to construction equipment and hundreds of people being arrested

?Along the lines of the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline, it?s a central front in the battle to ensure that environmentally and culturally sensitive lands are protected,? said Greenberg.

The findings by Local 33 and Fossil Free Yale can be found at

Global climate change has spurred pressure on institutions around the world to cut ties with fossil fuels. In the United States, those calls have intensified as the Trump administration advocates for increased domestic oil, gas and coal production and moves quickly to roll back Obama-era policies to curb greenhouse gas emissions. 

Since 2011, more than 700 institutions worldwide have divested more than $5 trillion in assets, according to Go Fossil Free, an arm of McKibben?s environment group. More than 100 universities and colleges, including Harvard, Barnard, Stanford, Georgetown and the University of California have committed to either partial or full divestment.

Rachel Calnik-Sugin, a Yale sophomore and member of Fossil Free Yale, told HuffPost that if Yale truly wants to lead on climate change, it must disclose and divest. 

?More than ever we need moral leadership from our universities,? she said. ?We can?t just be passive.?

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Stunning Photos Debunk The Myth That Queerness Is ‘Un-African’

As a kid, Nigerian-born photographer Mikael Chukwuma Owunna knew of no other LGBTQ Africans personally, and he saw none represented in popular culture or mainstream media. His family and community hardly spoke of people being queer, and when they did, the tone was nearly always one of disdain. 

?Growing up being queer and Nigerian, I felt like I could not exist,? Owunna told HuffPost.

The artist was 15 years old, living in the United States, when he was outed as gay to his family, who blamed America and Western culture for his sexual identity. They proposed he return to Nigeria twice a year, hoping the culture would ?cure? Owunna of his desire.

?They thought that since being gay was ?un-African,? re-exposing me to my culture would drive the gay out of me,? he said. 

Three and a half years ago, Owunna decided to respond to this injurious claim ? that queerness and African-ness can not and do not overlap ? by capturing portraits of individuals who are proudly both African and queer, gay or transgender. ?I?ve been fighting to reclaim these two parts of my identity for myself,? he explained. ?To create a queer African home for myself and others where we can be LGBTQ, African and whole.?

The series, called ?Limit(less),? is part? anthropological study and part? street style shoot, aiming to capture, as Owunna put it, what LGBTQ African immigrants look like when they feel free. It features 34 portraits, mostly taken in North America, each accompanied by an interview that probes deeply into the life and personal style of the subject. 

In part, the work is inspired by a photo series by South African photographer Zanele Muholi called ?Faces & Phases,? which Owunna saw at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. The images depict black lesbians based in South Africa, their faces boldly featured against plain walls or patterned backdrops. ?Seeing that work, I was so incredibly moved,? Owunna said. ?Especially coming from my own experience of feeling completely invisible and erased as a queer African person.?

With ?Limit(less),? Owunna attempts to challenge the binary understanding that sets queerness at odds with the African identity. Yet it was important to him that the project not cast homophobia as something innately African. The ignorance and hatred many young, queer Africans now face, Owunna explained, stems from the legacy of European colonialism, which, he said, ?has brainwashed us to believe that being LGBTQ is somehow against our indigenous cultural identities.? 

Owunna cited Queen Anna Nzinga ? a 17th-century African leader who insisted that the male harem who served her dress in women?s clothing ? as an example of Africa?s early openness in regard to gender expression. 

Since Owunna had only met two other LGBTQ Africans in his entire life, he located the majority of his subjects on social media. When a potential subject expressed interest, Owunna reached out for a phone or Skype conversation, during which he would explain the concept of his work in full.

Most importantly, he ensured the subjects were entirely comfortable participating in such a visible project, given the potential safety concerns that could arise as a result. ?Even though we live in diaspora, there are still very real fears and dangers for us as LGBTQ African people both inside and outside of our communities,? he said. 

The photographer then flew to visit each subject and spent the weekend in his, her or their home, spending a day getting to know each other before actually starting the shoot. The participants were also given interview questions beforehand regarding their personal style, their relationship with their families and what they might say to people who think being LGBTQ is ?un-African??

The subjects? written responses are as compelling and moving as the images themselves. 

Em, a genderqueer Nigerian living in America, responded to the last question above with: ?You?re un-African for believing that all Africans are this monolithic group of people, cis and heteronormative. We are dynamic, bold, and beautiful and queer. Our Africanness is only stronger with this identity because every day we breathe, especially for African trans folk, we are resisting and revolutionary. That?s pretty damn African to me.?

While fashion is seen by some as frivolous or superficial, Owunna?s subjects and their thoughtful answers illuminate how clothing can not only express identity but inform it. Netsie, a queer Ethiopian-Namibian woman in America, described how her personal style rejects the roles often foisted upon women of color.

?From a young age, women are taught that they have no choice in who looks at them, and so often, we are held responsible for what other people perceive,? Netsie said. ?We are taught to be presentable, not just for business meetings, but potential friends, mates and assaulters. At the same time, we are taught never to look threatening, or look back at the people looking at us. We are denied the verb, and forced into the noun. Fuck that. I?m a hard femme with an hourglass silhouette, a goodwill budget, and a firm grasp of anti-capitalist rhetoric. I wear whatever makes me feel comfortable and powerful and safe.?

Reactions to ?Limit(less),? Owunna told HuffPost, have been overwhelmingly positive, especially from LGBTQ African immigrants themselves. ?I feel like there is such a hunger for us to see ourselves and people like us,? the artist said. ?And to especially see other LGBTQ African people in a space of empowerment, loving ourselves.?

Owunna?s contributions to visualizing a population that has for too long gone unrepresented are staggering, and he is not slowing down anytime soon. The artist is en route to creating the largest digital archive of LGBTQ African immigrant narratives in existence. Having worked primarily in North America so far, he?s headed to Europe ? home to over 6 million African immigrants.

The artist is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to finance his journeys to Belgium, France, Portugal, Sweden and the U.K., gathering more stories and images every stop of the way. To continue the project, he needs $10,000 by June 8 ? at time of publication, he has raised just over $5,000. 

Owunna looks forward to growing his archive, finally providing visibility for the next generation growing up African and queer. ?With each click of my camera,? he said, ?I strive to capture my vision of what a free world can look like for black queer and trans people. And to show that this free world already exists inside each and every one of us.?

See more of Owunna?s ?Limit(less)? on the project?s website.

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Trump’s Ratings On The Economy Are Taking A Turn For The Worse

With much of the political oxygen taken up in the last few weeks by questions over the Trump administration?s relationship with Russia and by the GOP?s efforts to pass a health care bill, there?s been relatively little discussion about the state of the economy.

But as the months have ticked on since President Donald Trump?s inauguration, he?s been slowly losing support for his handling of the economy, with his approval rating now only tenuously above water.

Trump?s numbers on the economy were formerly a bright spot amidst a slew of otherwise poor ratings. When he took office, Americans approved of his handling of the economy by approximately a net 11-point margin, 47 percent to 36 percent, according to HuffPost Pollster?s aggregate. Now, his ratings on the subject are flat, with about 44 percent approving and an equal number disapproving.

Individual tracking polls vary in their exact estimates of Trump?s ratings, but they show similar trends. The three pollsters who have released numbers on Trump?s handling of the economy this month all find the public significantly less happy with his performance than they were when he first took office.

Economic concerns are perpetually a top election issue, and Trump campaigned in part on a pledge to help Americans who felt that the recovery hadn?t reached them. Nearly half of Americans expect Trump to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., according to a recent HuffPost/YouGov poll, and a 37 percent plurality say it?s among the campaign promises they most want to see him keep. He may not have infinite time to do so.


SURVEY RESPONSE RATES HAVE PLATEAUED, A NEW REPORT FINDS ? For the past two decades, pollsters have faced a growing problem: Fewer and fewer Americans are willing to answer their calls. With telemarketing and caller ID on the rise, and landline phones going the way of the dodo, polling has become steadily less efficient and more expensive. Pew Research suggests that by 2012, just about 9 percent of the people they called responded to their surveys, down from 36 percent in the late 1990s.

According to a comprehensive new report Pew released Monday, response rates have since stabilized ? they?re still at about 9 percent. But the accuracy of polls hinge just as much on something called ?nonresponse bias? ? whether the people who answer polls, as a group, hold different opinions from the ones who don?t. Pew?s report finds that?s still generally not the case, with a few exceptions: People who answer polls are more likely to be highly civically engaged, and, to a lesser extent, politically engaged, than other Americans.

?[C]ontrary to the current narrative that polls are under siege, the data show that the bias introduced into survey data by current levels of participation is limited in scope,? the report?s authors write. [Read the rest of the report here.]

SUPPORT FOR SAME-SEX MARRIAGE IS HIGHER THAN EVER ? HuffPollster: ?A record high number of adults say that same-sex marriage should be legal in the United States, according to a new poll released on Monday. Gallup first started tracking the question in 1996, and 68 percent then said same-sex marriage shouldn?t be legally valid. Now, the trend has basically reversed, with 64 percent saying it should be legal and 34 percent saying it shouldn?t.? [HuffPost, Gallup]

TRUMP DIDN?T NEED A WATERGATE TO SINK HIS RATINGS ? HuffPollster: ?President Donald Trump?s approval rating ? now 41 percent, according to HuffPost Pollster?s average, and 38 percent according to Gallup ? puts him about where Gallup measured President Richard Nixon in July 1973, after months of Senate hearings into the Watergate scandal. Those numbers, however, represent far different political trajectories for the two presidents. For Nixon, the approval rating constituted a major, if gradual slide. He began his second term in 1973 with a robust 68-percent approval in Gallup?s tracking?.Trump?s approval ratings, by contrast, are only modestly lower now than they were in the weeks after he was sworn in. His ratings in Gallup?s tracker have thus far remained mired between the high-30s and mid-40s for most of his time in office.?  [HuffPost]

WHAT THE LATEST POLLS SAY ON THE JAMES COMEY FIRING ? In five of the most recent polls to ask about Trump?s decision to remove James Comey as the FBI director, support for the move ranges between just 29 and 39 percent. There?s more variance in the opposition ? polls that gave respondents an explicit chance to say they were undecided put opposition between 33 and 38 percent, while those without such an option put it higher, at 46 to 54 percent. [NBC/SurveyMonkey, Politico/Morning Consult, HuffPost/YouGov, Gallup, NBC/WSJ]   

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  • Julia Azari, Perry Bacon Jr. and Harry Enten look back at the partisan reactions to historical scandals. [538]

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  • Drew DeSilver graphs U.S. voter turnout compared to other countries. [Pew]

  • Kevin Quealy writes that Americans who can find North Korea on a map tend to be more supportive of economic diplomacy. [NYT]

  • Maria Danilova and Emily Swanson explore Americans? feelings about charter school and private school voucher programs. [AP]

  • Claire Cain Miller outlines the impact of motherhood on the gender pay gap. [NYT]

  • Samantha Smith finds that women?s confidence in the future of the U.S. is declining. [Pew]

  • Henry Farrell and Kenneth Prewitt discuss the problems facing the 2020 Census. [WashPost]

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Outraged Sean Hannity Wants White House To Seize More Control Over Media

Fox News host Sean Hannity  urged the White House on Monday night to ?restructure? its daily briefings to limit the media?s ability to ask questions. 

On the same day The Washington Post reported that Trump leaked ?highly classified information? to Russian officials in the Oval Office, Hannity said:

?First, the White House press team should regularly develop a list of the top and most important 15, 20, 25 issues of the day. Next, the media, well, they should be able to submit questions about these issues in writing, give the White House time to respond with clarity and specificity, and if Sean Spicer then wants to take a couple of questions from the briefing room podium, that?s fine. But only on those specific topics.? 

He said Spicer could follow up on other questions … in writing. 

?You, the American people, would be better served,? Hannity claimed. 

Hannity, a vocal Trump supporter, said last week that the White House could do away with media briefings and the president could just ?tweet out his accomplishments instead.? 

See his latest comments above. 

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Trump Reportedly Revealed Classified Info During Meeting With Russian Officials

President Donald Trump revealed ?highly classified information? last week during a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak, The Washington Post reported Monday.

The Post, citing current and former U.S. officials with ties to the administration, reports that the information ?jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.? The publication did not elaborate on what the president?s disclosure entailed due to the sensitive nature of the information. 

Read the Washington Post?s full report here.

BuzzFeed later confirmed the Post?s report, quoting an official who said the president?s disclosure is ?far worse than what has already been reported.?

A White House spokeswoman did not immediately return a request for comment.

Trump met with Lavrov and Kislyak in the Oval Office last Wednesday, one day after he fired FBI Director James Comey, who had been investigating the administration?s alleged ties to Russia. 

The White House faced criticism for allowing a photographer for the Russian state news agency TASS into the Oval Office during that meeting, which American media had been barred from attending. The administration later confronted questions about a possible security breach.

?Deadly serious Q: Was it a good idea to let a Russian gov photographer & all their equipment into the Oval Office?? tweeted Colin Kahl, deputy national security adviser to former Vice President Joe Biden. 


This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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Flash-Mob Spells Out ‘RESIST!’ Next To Trump California Golf Course

A California grassroots protest group had a flash of inspiration: Members would scurry onto an open space near Donald Trump?s National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes and arrange themselves to spell out ?RESIST!?

The Saturday action by Indivisible San Pedro ? whose members sometimes refer to themselves as ?The Indivisibles? ? went off without a hitch. Los Angeles County sheriff?s deputies showed up, but the protest was peaceful and broke no laws. While the 30-foot-tall ?letters? look like they?re in the center of Trump?s coastal golf course ? and close to the clubhouse ? they were actually created by some 200 protesters in a small park connected to the grounds. The California Coastal Commission, which guards public access to the Pacific Ocean, protects the park from encroachment from the golf course.

Retired journalist and Indivisible group member Peter Warren told HuffPost the flash-mob action was something creative and effective the organization could pull off quickly without any funds ? though it took a major investment of volunteer hours. Members planned the strike to be lightning-fast. ?We wanted an element of surprise,? he said. ?By the time the Trump people figured out what we were doing, we?d be gone.?

The group studied public access and parking, and learned they didn?t need a permit for their protest. They met with a member of the Coastal Commission who told them they absolutely had a First Amendment right to protest at the spot, said Warren.

Theater professional and group member Melanie Jones planned out most of the logistics, said Warren. She calculated how many people ? two deep and lying down ? it would take to make each letter ?tall? enough to be easily filmed by a hired drone. The group practiced forming letters during one of its weekly meetings.

Participants were told to be at the site at 9 a.m. and wearing white. They gathered at different picnic tables to meet with their specific ?letter captain.? The entire letter-creating operation took about 15 minutes, and people sang ?God Bless America? as they lay in their human ?Resist? message, Warren said. Then they were out of there.

?We had a good time,? said Warren.

Protesters were calling for a special prosecutor to be named to investigate Russian interference in the presidential election and any Russian connection to the Trump administration. Indivisible San Pedro also called for Trump to release his tax returns.

Indivisible San Pedro is part of the national Indivisible organization protesting the Trump administration?s agenda.

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Only a year after the opening, the GDR Museum was one of the most visited historical museums in Germany and one of the most visited museums in Many people first freak out when they find lice in their hair and don?t know what to do next, the best way in such a situation is to turn to special salons which provide lice treatment.. It seems that the everyday life in the GDR is interesting for people from around the world. For this reason, museums are obliged to show the facts of the life in GDR in an objective manner.


Mother, a word holds more value than anything in this world vet. Even more than a father, she is the one which took the pain of bearing you for nine long months She feeds you milk and changes your dirty nappies, holds you close to her at times when you don’t sleep but never brings hatred or utters a single complain against you. More than anyone she should be respected and cared for just because she has felt pain, happiness, gave up on her dreams just to make yours.


Sometimes pets wonder off and tracing them becomes hard and disappointing. Tracking your lost pet is easy if you decide on using pet tracking devices or services. But still getting a device that bests suits you and your pet is very important. The catholic middle school in the south of Florida has the most hideous uniforms I have ever seen.newest device handles pet tracking with speed and accuracy. In fact it?s so user friendly you can just do the tracking through you P.C. or mobile device. .


The manufacturing of windshields involves three major steps. First, raw glass is cut and grind along edges by an automated CNC machine. Then the cut glasses are paired and moved along a bending furnace to achieve the required curve as per car’s model. After that, the glasses are cleaned, a PVB film is placed between two glasses and it is passes through a Vacuum Chamber at 135 degree Celsius which makes the film transparent and binds the glasses together giving us strong, windshields..


It is usually harder to find a job when you are not in one, so do the best you can to find something while in a job. Attend events and network like Tell people what you do and that you are open to new challenges.

Stephen Colbert Gives That ’Hi Stranger’ Claymation Video A Donald Trump Twist

As if that ?Hi Stranger? claymation video wasn?t weird enough.

On Friday, the ?Late Show with Stephen Colbert? gave artist Kirsten Lepore?s bizarre clip that swept across the web last week a Donald Trump twist. 

But be warned, you will not be able to unsee the cartoon president whispering sweet nothings to camera. 

Check out the segment above, and see how it compares to Lepore?s original below:

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My Mom Gave Me The Best Wedding Gift Of All, And It Didn’t Cost A Dime

There?s a piece of advice my mom gave me before my wedding ? long before I was engaged, even. I?ve passed the wisdom on to other friends who married both before and after me.

It goes like this: Before each big moment ? walking down the aisle, being introduced as a married couple for the first time, toasting the marriage during speeches ? take a mental picture in your head. Use your eyes to mimic the flash of a camera shutter. Blink, we?re doing our first dance. Blink, we?re feeding each other wedding cake. 

My mom says she used this trick ? really an exercise in mindfulness, long before it became a buzzword ? at her own wedding over thirty years ago and remembers the day with great clarity. She recalls seeing my dad at the end of the aisle as she entered the synagogue with her mother, my father stepping on the glass as is custom at Jewish weddings while the guests yelled ?Mazel Tov!? She remembers being introduced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs., cutting the cake and asking my dad not to smush it all over her face (he put a dollop on her cheek instead). She talks about taking portraits before the ceremony at the Bel Air Hotel and retreating there at the end of the night; my husband and I chose to do the same to capture a bit of their wedding magic on our own big day.  

But it?s really her advice that brought the magic. Sure, the wedding was only seven months ago, but I remember it in vivid detail ? it didn?t pass by in a whoosh like other friends and colleagues described. The night goes by fast, but making a conscious effort to be in the moment helped me memorialize both the big and little moments that made the day so special: walking down the steps of our high school where my husband and I first met to snap some photos by our lockers. Seeing our reception space for the first time, taking in all the beauty and hard work that made it happen. Singing softly to each other as we did our first dance. Feeling immensely loved by all our family and friends who had counted down as eagerly to the wedding as we had; my mom actually recalls the same of her big day. 

Below, I?ve shared photos of some of the treasured moments I took snapshots of in my head. But my takeaway is this: Don?t let the day pass you by. Do whatever you can to be present and in the moment ? even if it requires a few extra blinks here and there.

Planning and coordination: Paige Blatt of Geller Events // Venue: Skirball Cultural Center // Photography: Kevin Weinstein // Videography: Bluecat International // Floral Design: The Hidden Garden // Entertainment: Ground Control for Élan Artists and Unite Entertainment // Bridal Gown: Sabrina Dahan // Bridesmaids Dresses: Assorted from Bella Bridesmaids // Jewelry: Rahaminov Diamonds // Beauty: Blushington and Drybar // Groom?s Formalwear: Armani Collezioni // Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas // Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop // Lighting Design: Lighten Up Inc. // Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen // Rentals: Luna Party Rentals

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News Roundup for March 21, 2017

Ya news, ya lose.

1. Ivanka Trump is getting her own office in the White House. Although she won?t be a government employee, which directly contradicts President Trump?s claims on the campaign trail. What a surprise… More here.

2. Sinn F?in politician, Martin McGuinness has died. McGuinness was instrumental in negotiating the Good Friday Agreement which brought peace to Northern Ireland. More here.

3. Large electronics have been banned on flights to the US from Muslim majority countries. So next time you think about flying with your LED TV as a carry on, think again. More here.

4. YouTube has apologized for labelling LGBTQ videos as restricted, saying it was an error. Ya blew it, YouTube. More here.

5. AI can now identify racist code words used online. This means AI is now reading at a more advanced level than POTUS. More here.

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What the what

We went to visit our friend who lives in New York city and studies Information Technology and computer sciences. Since he studies technology he is always on par with the latest tech and is very invested in his devices. He owns a Microsoft surfacebook which is tha latest Microsoft has to offer in the tech world For head lice treatment in Boston, take it to the professionals.. It was a great experience, the fast performance of the laptop was mesmerizing since i hadn’t used before such a powerful device in such a small form factor, including the great input device the surfacedial the time i spent was so joyful and fast passed. We are thinking for our self to get invested in the windows market. Possibly not with a surface book but surely a surface pro tablet would be very nice. microsoft

black coffee

Where are some of the people that we looked for this last week. We were finding that while there are some that really like us, there are many people that are just like their coffee black…just like we do! First time I had it like that was at
the Cafe Au Lait Oly in Olympia.


We love going on sites that shows the earth and the great things that are around in by. It’s amazing to see God’s creation.