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GOP Senator Slams DOJ Legal Opinion As ‘Nonsense’ That ‘Floods The Swamp’

WASHINGTON ? Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) sent a scathing letter this week to President Donald Trump, arguing that the Office of Legal Counsel is  ?flooding the swamp.?

?You are being ill-served and ill-advised,? the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman wrote, adding that the Department of Justice office had ?utterly failed to live up to its own standards.?

Grassley?s letter was prompted by a May 1 memo from the OLC to other federal agencies, instructing them to effectively ignore any requests from Congress that do not come from chairs of committees or subcommittees. Requests from other individual members of Congress ?do not trigger any obligation to accommodate congressional needs and are not legally enforceable,? the memo stated. (Since both houses of Congress are currently controlled by the GOP, that means don?t answer any questions from Democrats as well as most Republicans.)

The memo, signed by acting Assistant Attorney General Curtis Gannon, claimed that it was a ?longstanding policy? for government agencies to accommodate ?congressional requests for information only when those requests come from a committee, subcommittee, or chairman authorized to conduct oversight.?

?This is nonsense,? Grassley wrote. ?For OLC to so fundamentally misunderstand and misstate such a simple fact exposes its shocking lack of professionalism and objectivity,? he told the president.

Grassley urged the White House to ?rescind this OLC opinion and any policy of ignoring oversight request from non-Chairmen.?

The June 7 letter is among the latest examples of a growing sense of frustration among top Republicans in Congress with how the Trump White House operates and how little regard the administration appears to have for certain democratic processes.

This frustration was on display in another forum Wednesday after four top administration officials refused to answer a series of questions during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe all repeatedly said they did not feel comfortable answering senators? direct queries about interactions they had with Trump, even though they were under oath and the president had not invoked executive privilege to prevent them from talking.  

Before he adjourned the hearing, Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) chastised the officials and the Trump White House.

?I would ask each of you to take a message back to the administration,? he said. ?You?re in positions whereby you?re required to keep this committee fully and currently informed of intelligence activities. At no time should you be in a position where you come to Congress without an answer.?

Sometimes referred to as the president?s law firm, the OLC dispenses legal advice to the White House and executive branch agencies. It can take on a quasi-judicial role in settling legal questions that arise within an administration.

For example, the OLC is the office that signed off on President Barack Obama?s use of drones against U.S. citizens and approved ?enhanced interrogation techniques? under President George W. Bush. (The Trump administration has nominated Steven G. Bradbury, who helped write those ?torture memos,? to a spot in the Transportation Department.) Other OLC reports are much less attention-grabbing, with titles like ?Authority to Permit Part-Time Employees to Work Regularly Scheduled Workweeks of 33 to 39 Hours.?

Trump recently nominated Stephen Engel, who previously served as deputy assistant attorney general in the OLC during the Bush administration, to head the office on a permanent basis.

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Kristen Bell Shares Car Safety Hack For Parents

Fans loved the trick Kristen Bell shared last month for parents traveling with little kids.

Now the actress is back with another parenting hack ? this time concerning car safety. On Wednesday, Bell posted a photo of two little hands on a car?s fuel door on Instagram.

??Hands on the circle!? The phrase we say as we jump out of the car,? she wrote in the caption.

??Hands on the circle? (the circle is the gas cap) was invented by my brilliant sister in law, and has thus far kept all kiddos safe from any oncoming traffic while I unload the trunk,? she added, along with the hashtags #momlife #momhacks #mom.

Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, have two daughters, 4-year-old Lincoln and 2-year-old Delta. 

The actress? Instagram post has received nearly 150,000 likes. Many fellow parents thanked her for the idea, while others shared their variations on this trick. 

?I love it! We call it the ?safety spot.? Totally saves me from chaos while unloading,? wrote one commenter. ?Great idea to keep our little ones safe!? added another.

Others shared links to websites where parents can buy special car magnets ? like the Parke Avenue ?Safe Spot? magnets.


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Model With Rare Genetic Disorder Is A Brilliant Example Of Inclusion

This world is a diverse one, so it?s refreshing when the fashion industry reflects that reality. And Seattle-based model Melanie Gaydos is hoping to add to that effort.

Gaydos, 28, was born with ectodermal dysplasia, a genetic disorder that can interfere with the proper growth of the hair, nails, teeth, skin and glands. Her involvement in the fashion community is helping people like her to see a place for them in the highly stylized world of modeling.

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Fewer than 200,000 people in the United States experience the rare condition, according to the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias. And almost every individual will experience the disorder differently. More than 180 types of ectodermal dysplasia exist, so the combination of symptoms varies with each diagnosis.

Gaydos? version of the condition meant she was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. The disorder affected the growth of her pores, hair, teeth and nails. She had nearly 40 surgeries when she was a child to correct her mouth, eyes and ears, she said.

?I definitely found a way of coping with [ectodermal dysplasia] just in how I perceive and accept my body, how it looks and how it functions,? Gaydos told HuffPost. 

The disorder doesn?t just affect a person?s appearance: A common symptom is also the inability to sweat and regulate body temperature, according to Dr. Latanya Benjamin, medical director of pediatric dermatology at Joe DiMaggio Children?s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. This can cause those with the condition to overheat in hot temperatures, so extra water, shade and air conditioning is more critical.

?They could get into a problem with heat stroke and hyperthermia … we want to make sure that patients [with ectodermal dysplasia] have temperature control,? Benjamin told HuffPost.

Gaydos felt like she could never drink enough water as kid. However, now that she?s an adult, she?s able to manage different climates more easily, she said. 

?[My body] doesn?t bother me in any way. It never really has bothered me, except for when I was younger,? Gaydos said. ?But that?s because any issues that [came] from having ectodermal dysplasia were just because other people saw problems with it.?

For this, Gaydos pointed to the fact that she does not have teeth. She underwent a procedure for dental implants two years ago to test out having dentures. She wore the fixtures for a few months, but ultimately decided not to use them.

?I managed to live this long without teeth. I can still eat,? Gaydos said. ?Having teeth … just made other people around me feel better.?

Gaydos says modeling was never a career path she considered because of her condition. But while studying art at the Pratt Institute in New York, she experimented with being the subject in a photograph. Then she emailed a photographer whose work she admired and he invited her to take some photos with him, the Daily Beast reported.

Her goal now is to break into high-fashion modeling. Gaydos recently finished a shoot for i-D magazine?s summer issue and is now busy booking work in Europe for the next few months, she said. 

There is no cure or specific treatment for ectodermal dysplasia, however the condition can be managed with some lifestyle tweaks. Some people with the disorder might have procedures to manage their skin, or have nails, teeth and hair. Or they might feel like Gaydos does ? happy without it.

Check out more of the model?s photographs below:

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20 Of America’s Greatest Frank Lloyd Wright Creations

After Frank Lloyd Wright died in 1959, an obituary described him as ?the great radical of American architecture.?

During his lifetime, Wright condemned the ?lust for ugliness? he saw in the sky-scraping landscapes and boxed suburban sprawls of the United States. ?Mr. Wright scathingly condemned the topless towers of New York,? the obituary reads. ?He had no use for the great steel and stone cities.? He didn?t care for American ?box? houses, either, declaring them ?more of a coffin for the human spirit than an inspiration.?

Instead, Wright preferred the low, integrated structures of a style dubbed ?prairie architecture,? a term the famously arrogant artist would later reject. His organic, functional and mostly modest aesthetic would come to define the concrete office buildings and family homes he?s left scattered across the country. One-hundred and fifty years after Wright?s birth in Wisconsin, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City is paying tribute to this Midwestern brand of radical art by showcasing more than 400 of Wright?s designs. 

According to estimates, Wright produced over 1,171 architectural works during the course of his tumultuous career, of which 511 were built ? an astounding feat for an architect whose life was upended at various points by death, destruction, financial ruin and his own reckless behavior. Today, the man who began his career as a draftsman in Chicago, Illinois, is well associated with homes like Fallingwater and behemoth spaces like New York?s Guggenheim Museum. But MoMA?s scope is bigger, drawing attention to seven decades worth of his architectural drawings, models and building fragments, as well as his furniture, tableware, textiles, paintings, photos and scrapbooks, some never seen before. 

In honor of Wright?s 150th birthday, we?ve put together a digital tour of 20 of his greatest American works, filled with sketches and archival images of some of his most revered designs. If you can?t make it to MoMA?s exhibition, you can celebrate one of America?s greatest architects here.

Winslow House (River Forest, Illinois)

Darwin Martin House (Buffalo, New York)

Unity Temple (Oak Park, Illinois)

Fallingwater/Kaufmann House (Mill Run, Pennsylvania)

Ennis House (Los Angeles, California)

Jacobs House (Madison, Wisconsin)

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church (Wauwatosa, Wisconsin)

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York, New York)

Robie House (Chicago, Illinois)

Hollyhock House (Los Angeles, California)

Arthur Heurtley House (Oak Park, Illinois)

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio (Oak Park, Illinois)

F. F. Tomek House (Riverside, Illinois)

Taliesin East (Spring Green, Wisconsin)

Taliesin West (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Pope-Leighey House (Alexandria, Virginia)

Price Tower (Bartlesville, Oklahoma)

Dana-Thomas House (Springfield, Illinois)

Wingspread (Wind Point, Wisconsin)

Rosenbaum House (Florence, Alabama)

?Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Unpacking the Archive? is on view at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City from June 12 to October 1.

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Trump Appointee In Office Overseeing Sex Ed Programs Is A Major Abstinence Advocate

The Trump administration?s latest Department of Health and Human Services appointee has a long history of working against comprehensive sexual health education. 

Valerie Huber was appointed as the chief of staff to Don Wright, the assistant secretary for health, an HHS spokesman confirmed. Wright?s office oversees the Office of Adolescent Health, which funds pregnancy prevention programs across the country. 

Huber has spent decades promoting abstinence-based education programs. Until recently, she served as the president and CEO of a group called Ascend, formerly called the National Abstinence Education Association, or NAEA. It describes itself as a ?sexual risk avoidance? organization dedicated to encouraging abstinence until marriage. 

Huber?s advocacy for this organization flies in the face of research showing that comprehensive sex education is the most effective way to prevent teen pregnancy.

Ascend purports on its website to be inclusive, including of gay teens, and open about the benefits of contraception. But the organization has also promoted curricula that emphasize old-fashioned, sexist ideas. 

As executive director of the NAEA in 2012, Huber was quoted in a press release promoting an ?abstinence-centered? curriculum from another organization called Choosing the Best. Choosing the Best?s CEO, Bruce Cook, served as chairman of the NAEA at the time.

A passage from the teacher guide for that curriculum, provided to HuffPost, tells the story of a knight who gets upset after the princess he is trying to save instructs him on the best way to save her. It reads:

?He never returned to the princess. Instead, he lived happily ever after in the village, and eventually married the maiden … Moral of the story: Occasional assistance may be all right, but too much will lessen a man?s confidence or even turn him away from his princess.?

A different abstinence-based curriculum provided to HuffPost ? from an organization called WAIT (Why Am I Tempted) ? compares sexually active teenagers to a piece of tape ripped off an arm and clouded with debris. The creator of that curriculum program, Joneen Mackenzie, also served on the board of directors for the NAEA.

HuffPost?s attempts to reach Huber were unsuccessful, and HHS did not reply to a request for more clarity about her role at the agency.

Debra Hauser, president of the sex ed nonprofit Advocates for Youth, describes Huber?s appointment as another Trump administration attack on evidence-based science. Indeed, President Donald Trump?s proposed budget invests heavily in abstinence-only education

?The organization she runs is called Ascend, and it?s the primary national organization that promotes abstinence-only until marriage education, no matter what they call it,? said Hauser, whose organization promotes comprehensive sex education. ?It still is education ? and I use that term loosely ? that withholds life saving vital information about the health benefits of contraceptives and condoms.? 

I think it?s immoral to withhold information to help people become sexually healthy adults.
Debra Hauser, president of Advocates for Youth

Hauser is concerned by how these programs address the topic of sexual assault prevention. 

?I think it?s immoral to withhold information to help people become sexually healthy adults. We have not taught young people the information they need about consent and what does a healthy relationship look like,? Hauser said. 

Huber has also expressed skepticism about sexual education programs that teach affirmative consent ? which stress the importance of obtaining verbal consent from a partner prior to sexual activity. She argues that these programs still normalize teenage sex.  

?In the midst of this conversation, are the root causes being addressed? I would argue that they really aren?t,? said Huber in a 2015 interview with the Associated Press. ?This discussion is getting reduced to a palliation rather than a solution.?

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Artist Realizes Only Appropriate Use Of Trump Tweets Is Plant Food

President Donald Trump?s tweets might be polluting the natural environment that is your mind, but they?re finding greater purpose somewhere: specifically, in a subterranean lavender field in New York City.

Austrian artist Martin Roth, now based in NYC, is the mad gardener behind an idyllic new art exhibition, which happens to be powered in part by Trump?s 140-character declarations. Nestled inside the Austrian Cultural Forum of Midtown Manhattan, it consists of 200 lavender shrubs that are nurtured by grow lights whose power corresponds with the activities of several social media accounts.

That?s right, the strength of the bulbs depends on how frequently accounts like @POTUS, @realDonaldTrump, @PressSec and @KellyannePolls issue a tweet. (Other connected accounts: @foxandfriends, @seanhannity, @tuckercarlson, @breitbartnews, @heritage, @CNN and @washingtonpost.)

Motivated by the ?heightened anxiety? many have felt in the wake of Trump?s election, the arrangement is meant to turn the chaos of our present political reality into something capable of assuaging our collective terror.

?The pace and tenor of the current political discourse, blasted out through social media 24/7 without respite, affects our psyche in a profound way,? Martin told Mashable. ?I?m interested in Twitter because it seemed to be the only news getting through. It?s fast and used as a political weapon, but … it seems overall just to be there to distract us.?

Using eight tons of soil, six rows of lavender and a soothing backdrop of nature-adorned wallpaper, Martin has created what appears at first to be place of refuge, a fragrance-filled spot where art lovers can stop to, quite literally, smell the flowers.

However, they can?t do so without wondering just how many tweets are flying through the digital ether at any given moment. If the lavender is thriving, so too are POTUS and co.?s statuses. The effect, Hyperallergic?s Claire Voon notes, is amplified by ?the windowless, concrete space,? which she describes as ?claustrophobic.? Even when the air smells like perfume, something capable of transcending the underground sanctuary is probably amiss ? you just can?t see it.

?The total effect is less an immersion into the woods, and more a sojourn in a doomsday bunker of the One-Percent,? Kate Sutton wrote in an essay that appears on the Forum?s website. ?Any calm this environment induces is innately tinged by suspicion of its circumstances.?

You can visit the not-so-subtle installation until June 21.

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Yes, You Can Get BBQ From A Drive-Thru

You may think New Orleans is the culinary hot spot of Louisiana, but just 200 miles northwest, you?ll find one of the state?s most under-the-radar culinary gems: Outlaw?s BBQ in Alexandria. The restaurant was originally founded in 1989 as a watering hole for local schools and first responders, but has since become a sought-out destination among in-the-know Louisiana natives.  

Only at Outlaw?s can you find po? boys made with chopped beef and all-you-can-eat ribs (only on Thursdays) ? the bright, sweet barbecue sauce even has its own cult following. Plus, just going to Outlaws is an experience: there?s often live music, the walls are decorated with neon beer signs and vintage cowboy photos, and the staff will always treat you like a member of the family. If that?s not enough, there?s also a drive-thru!

Don?t miss the Chop Baker: A baked potato stuffed with butter, cheddar cheese, sour cream, bacon bits and chives that you can then top with chopped pork, chicken, ham or link sausage. It?s a full meal and we?ve never seen anything like it.

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Fun fact: the owners told us Alexandria has a large CrossFit community so they?re working on some more paleo-friendly items. If that?s you, right now the sweet potato Chop Baker will be your friend.

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If Barack Obama Assembled His Own ‘Avengers’ Team To Take On Donald Trump…

Former President Barack Obama is summoning an army.

That?s according to this spoof Twitter story, which says Obama has been busy bringing world leaders together since he left office. And they?re apparently forming their own ?Avengers Initiative? to take down President Donald Trump.

Twitter user Oliver Willis imagined just how Obama?s masterplan is going down late Tuesday. Check out how the story, which promises to be the first of several, develops below:

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NSA Whistleblower’s Parents Say They Fear For Her Safety

The parents of Reality Winner, a whistleblower arrested this week for allegedly leaking top-secret National Security Agency documents, say they fear for their daughter?s safety and worry she won?t get a fair trial.

?My biggest fear in all of this is that she?s not going to get a fair trial, she?s not going to be treated fairly, she?s going to be made an example of,? Billie Winner-Davis, Winner?s mother, told CNN?s Anderson Cooper Tuesday. ?I know that if she did something wrong, she?s always come clean with it, she?s always been willing to accept the consequences. But I?m terrified for her right now because of the news, the climate, the social media.?

The FBI arrested Winner, 25, a federal contractor working in Augusta, Georgia, on Saturday and charged her with violating the Espionage Act. She is accused of ?removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet.? The outlet in question, The Intercept, published an exclusive report on Monday related to a classified NSA document that describes a Russian cyber attack on U.S. voting software.

The Intercept did not reveal Winner as its source, but a trail of clues, including a crease mark on a printout of the classified document sent to the NSA, led authorities to name her as a suspect. 

Winner?s arrest follow?s a series of high profile leaks from the government since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly lambasted such actions and called for involved individuals to be prosecuted.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden on Tuesday described the Espionage Act as ?a fundamental threat to the free press? and demanded the U.S. release Winner on bail, pending trial. She is being held in a federal detention center in Lincolnton, Georgia. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison.

?Even if you take all the government allegations as true, it?s clear she is neither a threat to public safety nor a flight risk,? Snowden said in a statement. ?To hold a citizen incommunicado and indefinitely while awaiting trial for the alleged crime of serving as a journalistic source should outrage us all.?

Winner?s stepfather, Gary Davis, described her as a ?good person? in multiple interviews and said she was a six-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

?She always does what?s right. She served her country,? Davis told the Daily Mail. ?She volunteers, she does whatever she can to make the community and the world better. That?s what she wants to do.?

In an interview on Tuesday, Cooper asked Winner-Davis if her daughter had told them about the alleged leak prior to her arrest.

?She hasn?t admitted it to us at all,? Winner-Davis said. ?What she told me was that she was terrified. She was terrified of the situation and she did tell me also that she was afraid she was going to disappear. That they were going to make her disappear. She felt like she needed to give them what they were asking for at the time. And so she was terrified.?

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GOP Keeps Pretending It’s Powerless To Make Obamacare Work Better

Republicans are crying crocodile tears over Obamacare problems again. Their concern might be more convincing if they?d stop acting as though there?s nothing they can do about it, or at least stop making things worse.

The latest unmitigated bad news the GOP is using as fodder for its Affordable Care Act repeal campaign is that Anthem, one of the biggest health insurance companies in America and the major player on the exchange marketplaces, is all but pulling out of Ohio. Unless another insurer steps in, that will leave 10,500 consumers in 18 counties potentially with no source of health coverage next year.

Parts of Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska are on a path to being in the same predicament. The Anthem development is especially worrisome, since the company currently covers more than 1 million people in 14 states? health insurance exchanges.

Yes, people like House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) have characterized the Republican campaign to repeal and ?replace? the Affordable Care Act as a ?rescue mission? to alleviate the great burden of Obamacare on the American people. But the American Health Care Act ? which the House passed last month and which the Senate GOP is using as the foundation for a new bill ? mostly would just ?rescue? 23 million people from having any health insurance at all.

The House-passed legislation is more about un-helping the people Obamacare covered than about helping those who still can?t bear the expense of health insurance and health care. Making insurance unaffordable or unavailable to poor families and people with pre-existing conditions is an unusual way to improve the health care system.

The death of the Obamacare exchanges has been greatly exaggerated, no matter how many times President Donald Trump and other Republicans declare them to have collapsed.

But the gaps in places like Ohio, along with continued problems with affordability ? especially for those who aren?t rich, but earn too much to qualify for the Affordable Care Act?s tax credit subsidies or Medicaid coverage ? plainly illustrate that many of these state marketplaces are in need of care and feeding if they are to flourish. And while more insurers? balance sheets are showing signs that the Obamacare markets are stabilizing, other companies continue to lose a lot of money.

Instead of undertaking the routine act of managing government programs for the good of the people who use them and the taxpayers who finance them, the Republican Congress has spent the past seven years not only rhetorically tearing down Obamacare, but literally doing so. They?ve had the eager cooperation of Republican officials at the state level and, now, of the Trump administration.

Congress cut money for health insurance companies, exacerbating their financial situations as they adapted to a new market in which they had to actually cover sick people. Congress ignored President Barack Obama?s proposals to make the markets better and the coverage more affordable. State officials deliberately hampered federal enrollment efforts. Republican officials in 19 states rejected the Affordable Care Act?s Medicaid expansion, which drove up costs for people with private coverage by adding more sick people to the insurance pool.

To be clear, Congress could?ve chosen a different path after Obama signed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, and still could do so now.

Trump has been threatening since before even being sworn in that he would withhold money owed health insurance companies that cover poor households because, in his mind, this will scare Democrats into participating in the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Congress could eliminate this threat by guaranteeing in new legislation that insurers will get their money.

Another positive step would be restoring a funding stream, which Congress stripped in 2015, to backstop health insurance companies that suffered higher-than-expected costs.

Perhaps ironically, the American Health Care Act actually includes money intended to help states steady their insurance markets, just not enough to actually achieve that aim. And it comes with hundreds of billions in cuts to health care programs, and those millions of people who?d become uninsured and have to bear the full cost of all their medical care, or simply go without and get sicker.

Alaska and Minnesota already have enacted programs to help insurers with the sickest, costliest patients by establishing funds to reimburse them for extraordinary expenses from those patients, which is supposed to bring down premiums for the rest of their customers.

The Trump administration actually encouraged this, and published a separate regulation tightening the rules around health insurance enrollment at the behest of the insurance industry. Those steps undercut the White House refrain that Obamacare is unfixable and support the notion that tweaking the law can make it work better, albeit not perfectly.

Instead of taking more positive steps like these, Congress has done nothing and the Trump administration has carried on otherwise actively undermining the health insurance exchanges.

One of Trump?s first acts as president was to issue an executive order instructing federal agencies to relax Affordable Care Act regulations, leading insurers to fret that means the IRS won?t enforce the law?s individual mandate, which they see is important to nudging low-cost healthy consumers into the market. Another of Trump?s first acts was to cancel advertising for the end of this year?s enrollment period, which suppressed signups at a crucial time.

What?s more, Trump?s coy game-playing over the money owed insurers is a primary cause of the bad news from Ohio and elsewhere.

Insurers in states including North Carolina and Pennsylvania are seeking massive rate increases for next year ? above what they otherwise would?ve been ? citing uncertainty about whether Trump will pay the money. Insurers in other states will follow unless the president stops threatening to stiff them, or if Congress simply appropriated the funding to which they?re entitled under the Affordable Care Act.

This uncertainty is the biggest danger to the functioning of the health insurance system right now. Trump hasn?t even committed to making these payments for this month, let alone in the future.

Any efforts lawmakers did undertake this year to shore up the health insurance market for millions of American consumers isn?t necessarily even incompatible with eventually repealing the law. There will be a time between 2018 and whenever a GOP health care bill took effect when people will still need to use the current system ? if there is one for them to use where they live.

Trump and Congress are running out of time. Health insurance companies face looming deadlines in the coming weeks to declare their intentions for next year. And if more of them bail on the exchanges or raise rates by an average of 19 percentage points above what they otherwise would?ve raised them because the party in power mismanaged the program, polls show the public will blame the GOP.

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Philando Castile’s Girlfriend Says Fear Led Her To Stream Police Shooting

Diamond Reynolds testified on Tuesday that she streamed her boyfriend Philando Castile?s dying moments on Facebook last July because she feared police officers would kill her, too. 

Reynolds was testifying at the trial of Jeronimo Yanez, the officer who fired seven shots into a car occupied by Castile, Reynolds and her daughter during a traffic stop for a broken taillight. The St. Anthony, Minnesota cop killed 32-year-old Castile, and has been charged with second-degree manslaughter and dangerous discharge of a firearm.

Moments after the shooting, Reynolds used her cellphone to live-stream and narrate the aftermath. Castile, a public school lunchroom supervisor in the St. Paul suburbs, had informed Yanez that he was carrying a licensed firearm moments before the officer shot him, Reynolds said in the 10-minute video. Yanez has claimed that Castile endangered him by reaching for the concealed weapon.

Asked in court why she shared the video, Reynolds said she feared for her daughter?s safety and her own well-being while Yanez continued to point a gun into the car. 

?I know that people are not protected against the police,? she said, according to reporters in the courtroom. ?And I wanted everyone to see, that if I died in front of my daughter, everyone would know the truth.? Castile, Reynolds and her daughter are black, and Yanez is Latino. 

The graphic footage Reynolds captured was seen millions of times and ignited protests against police shootings across the country. It showed Reynolds pleading for help as Castile sat in the seat next to her covered with blood.

?Please, Jesus, don?t tell me that he?s gone,? she said. 

To many viewers, she appeared surprisingly calm as she questioned Yanez about his actions. By contrast, Yanez appeared highly agitated. Experts say it?s not uncommon for people to remain composed during a traumatic incident, The Washington Post reported. 

At times, Reynolds cried from the witness stand as the video played. 

Defense attorney Earl Gray questioned Reynolds about marijuana that was found in the car. Yanez? legal team has previously suggested that Castile was high and not following the officer?s instructions.

Reynolds testified that she regularly smoked weed, but the discussion didn?t indicate if Castile had used marijuana that day, according to The Associated Press.

Gray also zeroed in on inconsistencies between Reynolds? statements to investigators and what she said in the Facebook stream. Reynolds admitted that Castile did not have his hands in the air when Yanez shot him, as she said in the video. He was reaching for his seat belt, Reynolds said on Tuesday. 

On Monday, jurors saw dashcam footage of the encounter, recorded from Yanez? patrol car. It captured the officer cursing after Reynolds began filming, but didn?t clearly record the disputed events that preceded the shooting, according to journalists in the courtroom

Prosecutors claimed that Castile said ?I wasn?t reaching for it? after Yanez shot him.

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Here’s What Sex Is Really Like After 60

People around the globe are living longer and healthier lives. As a result, people above 60 remain active in many areas of life, including sex. So why do we seem so uncomfortable to talk about it?

?Society plays a big role in how we deal with sexuality. Media often portrays sex as something natural for young people, but we hardly see older couples on television, movies and advertising. Talk about sex in a later age is still taboo for many people. It?s common to see women who believe that their sexual life is over after menopause and it isn?t like that,? explained gynecologist and sex therapist Wani Leite.

Carlos, 67, has been living together with Cesar, 60, (both names have been changed) for the last 10 years. He believes that the free time of retirement made the couple fall in love again.?Being retired gives you time to be really dedicated to a relationship. We have more time to be together. As we are both retired, so we can travel for long periods, prepare dinner together and pay more attention to each other. This daily romance is reflected in everything, including sex,? Carlos said. 

When Walter Araujo, 72, lost his wife in 2010, he thought that a relationship and sex were closed chapters in his life. Things changed when he met Georgina Sales, 65. They?ve now been dating for two years and Araujo was Sales? first boyfriend since her 2002 divorce. Together, they rediscovered love and sex.

?At first, I put pressure on myself and wanted sex to be like when I was younger. Things started to go better when I relaxed and paid more attention to things like touching and being close. Today, quality is more important than quantity for me,? said Araujo.

?Age changes your life in many ways. When you are 60, you do not run as easily as when you were 30, but you can still do it. Sexuality changes with time, but it never disappears,? said the sex therapist Eliana Martins.

For some women menopause can also cause a decrease of sex drive due a treatable drop of estrogen levels. But most of women keep their libido regardless the age.

Gorete Bezerra, 62, claims that her sex life remains just as interesting as when she was young. ?I don?t think the desire disappears with age. What happens is that most women don?t feel secure about their bodies or are no longer close to their partners, even if they are married,? she said. 

She was married for 43 years when her husband passed away in 2012. Gorete is proud to say that they were able to remain in love and had a great sex life throughout their marriage. She now lives with her new boyfriend. 

The retired lawyer and great-grandmother of two also believes that taking care of herself is one of the keys to her vitality. ?I work out every day and I am a ballerina. I feel very good in my skin and sex is just as important to me now as it was 40 years ago,? she added.

?If sex wasn?t important earlier in life, it?s unlikely it will become important when someone grow old,? Martins said.                                                                    

Indeed, Mara de Carvalho, 64, believes that her sex life became better with time. She defines her first years of marriage as disappointing. ?We didn?t talk about it and I thought he had to guess what I wanted. After a few years, I was reading more about sex. I became more open to talk about it and to take the initiative when I want something. Sex is supposed to be fun and it is how we both face it,?she said.

She believes that self-esteem and imagination helps to keep sex alive after so many years of marriage. ?I love taking care of myself, using creams, choosing a beautiful lingerie. Exercises are also part of my routine,? detailed Mara.

?I have no problem going to sex shops. I also enjoy erotic movies and books. It?s important to keep the imagination alive,? she said. ?Sex will be always part of my life. Even if one day I can no longer do it, I will always enjoy reading and talking about it. I am even writing my first erotic novel.?


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Miley Cyrus Still Can’t Handle The Fact She Met Hanson In The ’90s

Miley Cyrus, like many children of the late ?90s and early ?00s, was a Hanson fan. But being that she?s from a famous family and all, the singer actually got to meet the brothers who had us mmmbopping on the regular. 

On Tuesday, the ?Malibu? singer shared an adorable photo from said meeting ? including her siblings Brandi, Trace, and Braison ? and appropriately fangirled in the caption. 

?Oh. Em. Gee! @Hanson !!!! I am still freaking out!? she wrote, before showing her siblings some love. Also, please appreciate Trace?s perfect mullet. 

?Top 5 best day of my life 1000000% I will never forget sharing this concert with my sibs! @noahcyrus sucks you weren?t born yet! Wish you could?ve been there!? she added. 

A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

It may not even be time for #ThrowbackThursday, but the former ?Hannah Montana? star already wins this week. 

Hit Backspace for a regular dose of pop culture nostalgia.

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Expert Busts Myth That Goat Is The Most Consumed Meat In The World

What?s the most popular meat in the world? There?s conflicting info out there that?s sure to confuse you.

Some people ? Gordon Ramsay on a recent episode of ?Master Chef Junior,? for example ? say goat meat is the ?most popular protein on the planet,? based on ?the number of people across the world that eat it.?

But if you look at statistics from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, the most consumed meat per million tonnes is pork (112.4) as of 2012. Next comes poultry (107), then beef (68) and then sheep and goat (14), which get lumped into one category. 

This got us wondering ? the FAO?s numbers are based on production statistics. Are millions of goats being eaten under the radar that aren?t being accounted for in these numbers?

According to Susan Schoenian, sheep and goat specialist at the University of Maryland Extension, no ? they?re not. She maintains it?s not possible for goats to be the meat consumed by the most people in the world.

So why is this falsehood being published in reputable, respectable sources? Schoenian says it?s a case of one person getting it wrong and everyone else taking them at their word.

?It?s totally false. If you just look at the number of goats in the world and you multiply it by what they weigh and multiply it by the meat you get out of the carcass … it just doesn?t add up,? Schoenian told HuffPost.

As of 2013, according to the FAO there are just over 1 billion goats in the world. That?s a lot, but it?s not nearly enough to account for beating out the chickens, cattle and sheep that trounce those numbers. 

Of course the data from the FAO most likely cannot account for the number of goats that are ?eaten off the grid,? as Schoenian explains, in developing nations. But even so, it?s not feasible for goat meat to be eaten more than pork. 

The fact that most people can?t even really tell the difference between a goat and a sheep only further proves her point. For example, the screaming goat that went viral a couple years back ? the one that was made famous by Sprint?s Super Bowl ad ? it was in fact a sheep

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related… articlesList=57d2b985e4b00642712cfb6f,5644b604e4b045bf3dedf7b1,57643dd5e4b015db1bc93cec

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Harvard Revokes Admissions From Students Who Shared Insensitive Memes

Maybe they?ll learn from this.

Harvard University revoked offers of acceptance from at least 10 potential freshmen after discovering they had posted memes in a Facebook messaging group mocking rape, the Holocaust and child sex abuse, The Harvard Crimson reported Sunday.

According to the campus newspaper, which had obtained screengrabs of the messaging group, some participants joked that abusing children was sexually gratifying. Others targeted ethnicity, race or nationality. One poster referred to the hanging of a Mexican child as ?piñata time.? Two incoming students told the Crimson the group was at one point called ?Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens.?

After discovering the messaging group ? which had split off from what one student called a ?lighthearted? Facebook chat for admitted students ? administrators informed the offending applicants in April that the admission offers no longer stood, the Crimson noted. A university spokesperson declined comment to the paper.

For more on the story, visit the Crimson.

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Jeedara: Awesome Nature Documentary

Nature Down Under is mysterious. This tremendous new documentary Jeedara the film celebrates the magnificence of the Great Australian Bight.

The Great Australian Bight is a priceless ecological jewel stocked with the largest remaining population of Southern right whales on the planet. It?s a biologically rich nursery grounds for critically endangered Great white sharks, Leatherback turtles, Southern bluefin tunas, colossal Blue whales and so many more unique marine species. The Bight is also the longest ice-free coastline in the southern hemisphere.

On board of Sea Shepherd?s flagship, The Steve Irwin, the Wilderness Society of South Australia, Bob Brown Foundation, Bunna Lawrie, Mirning Elder and Sea Shepherd Australia protested British Petroleum?s (BP) plan to drill for oil and gas in the Bight. The campaign, dubbed Operation Jeedara, was a smashing global success. It collected unprecedented footage of the Bight.

Soon after Operation Jeedara returned to port, BP announced abandoning their plans to drill in the Bight. The campaign was an enormous environmental win!

On Thursday, June 8 at 6PM, Jeedera the film will premier in the United States at Harmony Gold Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif.

Jeff Hansen, Managing Director Sea Shepherd Australia told me that, “After sell-out shows around Australia, it?s now America?s turn to see one of the truly great natural wonders of the world, one of the globe?s best kept secrets, the Great Australian Bight. This film is the story of the campaign, that showcases one of the last big marine wilderness areas on Earth, one of the world?s most significant Southern right whale nurseries, Nature on a grand scale, and one of the biggest environmental wins of 2016.”

Jeedara the film has recently been selected as a finalist for the Hollywood Independent International Documentary Awards. This breathtaking nature documentary reveals the majesty of the Great Australian Bight.

This year, celebrate World Ocean?s Day by purchasing tickets for the premier of Jeedera the film.

Support Sea Shepherd Australia and their 40 years of protecting the whales.

Earth Doctor Reese Halter?s upcoming book is ?Save Nature Now.?

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15 Times Brooke Shields Captured The Highs And Lows Of Motherhood

Brooke Shields is no stranger to the highs and lows of parenting.

The actress and her husband, Chris Henchy, have two daughters, 14-year-old Rowan and 11-year-old Grier. Over the years, Shields has been incredibly open about her experiences as a mother ? from her battle with postpartum depression (the subject of her 2005 memoir Down Came the Rain) to her parenting rules to her hopes for her children. 

In honor of her birthday this week, we?ve compiled some of her most honest and touching quotes about parenthood.

On her fears as a mother

?I?m terrified that I?m not really understanding who they are, and that maybe one day they won?t feel like they can come to me ? that I will somehow fail them … I don?t know if you overcome it. The way I try to get through it is by talking to other moms. Either someone will do something that?s seemingly worse, and I?ll think, ?At least I didn?t do that,? but then someone will do something better and I think, ?I?ve gotta learn that, I?ve got to do that instead!??

On her advice for new parents

?Don?t be afraid to ask for help and don?t be too hard on yourself. If you think that everybody else has it figured out and you?re the only one that?s going crazy or yelling or feeling like you can?t do it all ? you?re not alone.?

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On living in the moment

?They?re not going to remember Mom was tired. They?re going to remember I did the weather chart or story time at school. So you just do it. And you?re tired … It?s the mundane stuff that is important.?

On playdates and raising grounded kids

?If you?re not polite, you can?t come to my house. Manners [represent] respect and kindness. I want people to like my kids, and if they?re bratty, they?ll have a harder time in life.?

On the beauty of parenthood

?Once you love someone that much, you think, god, why did I do this to myself? It?s so heart-wrenching! And then you realize: It?s so heart-wrenching. That?s why I did it to myself.?

On her decision to speak out about her postpartum depression

?Because nobody was talking about postpartum depression, and women were suffering all the time. I wanted to educate women who were suffering and families of women who were suffering.?

On being a celebrity parent

?You know, the only reason why it seems like it?s more challenging is because it?s in the public eye to a certain extent and it?s scrutinized, but that is such a minor percentage. Really the challenges are just about being a mom. All moms have them, and nobody?s exempt.?

On staying calm as a mother

?Every day there?s a new challenge. My new thing is not screaming and not screaming back at them. I would engage in an absolute fight, and my husband would say, ?What?s wrong with you? Why are you fighting with them?? … Chris, my husband, calls it FOFO ? Find Out Before You Freak Out. So before I react, I?m now trying to just count to 10.? 

On how becoming a mom changed her life

?It took having a child, for me to feel like I belong, that I?m normal.?

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On embracing imperfection as a parent

?I would have thought that I would have become one of those parents ? just because it?s my nature to be such a perfectionist ? that anything falling short, I would have seen as a failure. But something has happened to me over the past few years ? it?s not Zen, believe me, I?m not at all Zen ? but I?m so appreciative of even the chaos. It?s not about being perfect; it?s about being engaged.?

On work-life balance

?I had a moment where I realized I was spending all of my free time, which is so little, doing events and going to charities. I wasn?t putting my kids to bed at all. When you?re doing theatre it?s almost impossible to put them to bed and it really threw me for a loop. I have to work so when I?m not working, it?s easy to get caught up and say, oh, I?ll do that charity or I?ll do that thing for you. And your kids are with the babysitter and it?s heartbreaking.?

On how having kids changed her attitude toward her career

?Being a mom puts the rejection of being an actress in perspective.?


On mom peers

?I get support from other moms and my therapist. It is only as important to connect with mom peers as it gives you comfort. If and when it gets competitive, it becomes toxic.?

On how parenthood shifts your priorities

?However, having my first daughter obliterated me. It took away all my power. All of a sudden I was experiencing something so foreign, which I had no response for. I had no resources to rely on. It was not simply about being the good girl, or being polite, or doing my job. A little human being was involved.?

On the joys of raising children

?What I love most is being able to wake up in the morning with these innocent and truthful little people.?

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An Open Letter To Gwyneth Paltrow About GOOP

Dear Ms. Paltrow,

I understand you recently said that anyone who is going to f*ck with you better bring their A game.

FullSizeRender (4)


I?m pretty sure you don?t mean comment on your recipes but rather the growing exasperation from medical professionals and journalists alike at the almost constant debunking of the health ?advice? and all around medical bullshit that you and your pals at GOOP promote and sell. No, we don?t have adrenal fatigue we have goopitis.

When I tell you that alcohol is a toxin I am not f*cking with you I am being factual. Do you really think everything in the world is a toxin except alcohol and botulinum toxin? You worry so much about toxins that you constantly need to ?cleanse,? but if someone were to get inTOXICated at your worried wellness GOOP cash grab in June you?ve got them covered with an intravenous. There are only three ways that wasted wellness fits in with your toxin phobia, you are incapable of understanding the definition of toxin, you are under the mind control of charlatans, or you are willfully spreading misinformation. I?m happy to entertain a fourth if you?ve got one.



From the latest GOOP book, Botox an actual toxin not listed as a toxin.


What do you possibly have to gain by spreading lies to women about bras causing breast cancer? Ever had a breast cancer survivor cry in your office worried that she caused her cancer by wearing bras for 20 years? Probably not. I have. When you give your platform to crackpot theories about bras and breast cancer you are literally f*cking with breast cancer survivors. Is this fun for you? Is this your A game? And no, it?s not an ?alternative theory? or ?backed by research.? This kind of fear mongering causes so much distress that researchers have to do special studies even though the idea is biologically implausible and not supported by the myriad of research already available. I can think of better ways to spend those breast cancer research dollars.

From tampons to tomatoes to toxic lube your website is a scare factory. Literally. It?s either made up (often poorly, but with liberal use of the word toxin) or someone?s hypothesis with little to no supporting data. Tampons are not vaginal death sticks, vegetables with lectins are not killing us, vaginas don?t need steaming, Epstein Barr virus (EBV) does not cause every thyroid disease, and for f*ck?s sake no one needs to know their latex farmer what they need to know is that the only thing between them and HIV or gonorrhea is a few millimeters of latex so glove that shit up. Here?s an A game pro tip for you, if you are writing a ?sex post? use an expert who actually knows that the WHO has guidelines on lubricants. Your post on lubes is so bad it?s a joke.

You have the gall to tell people like me that we better bring our A game when you bring ghosts and magic to the table. Literally. You promote a ghost whisperer and crystals and of course jade eggs that one recharges with energy from the moon. Really, a dude who talks with ghosts, Naturopaths, and a jade eggthusiast who has a certification from the school she founded is on your A squad?


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.36.02 AM

Crystals absorb information? Uh, yeah. No.


Did you ever wonder why the only medical experts you interview or promote are fear mongers who coincidentally have something to sell? Candida! Lectins! Parasites! I regret that I have to be the one to inform you my dear, but the sky is not falling. Have you ever asked yourself, ?Why are my only experts in concierge practices?? or ?Why aren?t there any doctors who work at a University who think EBV causes every thyroid disease?? or ?Wow, I wonder if there could be something to all this criticism from people with tons of letters after their names and maybe I should at least read up a bit as this is my mission?? or ?Why doesn?t Medicaid cover goat milk therapy?? If you commented on my acting or told me how to pose for a headshot I?d listen because you are an expert in those areas.

And ancient therapies? Girl, you love those. This means that you want your medicine from before we understood that bacteria and viruses were a thing, like when people thought tuberculosis was caused by vampires? What about trepanation or drinking Gladiators? blood? Those are ancient therapies. Are they in your rotation? Honestly, it?s like you and your experts use Horrible Histories as a reference.

Your goopshit bothers me because it affects my patients. They read your crackpot theories and they stop eating tomatoes (side note, if tomatoes are toxic why do Italians have a longer life expectancy than Americans?) or haven?t had a slice of bread for two years, they spend money on organic tampons they don?t need, they ask for unindicted testing for adrenal fatigue (and often pay a lot via copayments or paying out-of-pocket), or they obsess that they have systemic Candida (they don?t). I have a son with thyroid disease and I worry that in a few years he might read the kind of batshit crazy thyroid theories you promote and wonder if he should stop his medication and try to cure the chronic EBV that he doesn?t have. I also worry that science will have to spend more and more resources disproving snake oil as opposed to testing real hypotheses. I worry that you make people worry and that you are lowering the world?s medical I.Q.

It is hard for people to hear that what they are doing medically is a waste of time. Trust me, I have to tell people they can get the same pelvic floor with free Kegel exercises as they can with your $66 jade egg. I have to tell people that they could have eaten bread and had a beer now and then because they don?t have systemic Candida and even if they did that wouldn?t have been how we would treat it. I know it is hard for you to hear that goat milk can?t cure the parasites causing the adrenal fatigue that you don?t have, probably even more so for you because the paranoia pathway and worried wellness pay swell. However, have you ever wondered why a woman (meaning you) who can work out for hours, eats a reportedly healthy diet, lives in a meticulous house, and isn?t overweight is simply so ill with adrenal fatigue, toxins, and parasites? Could it possibly be that you are getting bad medical advice? It is also entirely possible that you are just laughing all the way to the bank.

It does not take my A game to counter the snake oil, biologically implausible theories, incorrect information, and magic that you and GOOP pass off as health advice. Really, I?m not sure it even takes my C game. It might take a game, like Clue, but that?s about it.

We?re not f*cking with you we?re correcting you and you know what? We?re not going to stop.





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Dad’s Video Shows How Hilariously Bad Toddlers Are At Hide And Seek

Little kids can be hilariously bad at hiding. Dad and vlogger La Guardia Cross recently learned this firsthand. 

In his latest video, ?Hide and Seek Fail,? Cross shows what happens when he tried to teach his 2-year-old daughter, Amalah, how to play hide and seek. Put simply, her skills leave much to be desired. 

Watch the full video above for a perfect glimpse into toddler hide and seek antics ? and see what happens when his newborn daughter gets involved. 

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2017 Dean

Webb Simpson’s steely eyed performance Saturday during the third round of the Dean & DeLuca Invitational might have looked easy but don’t be fooled.

Gregg Allman, Classic Rock Legend Of The Allman Brothers Band, Dead

Gregg Allman, one of the two brothers from legendary rock band the Allman Brothers Band, has died. He was 69.

He ?passed away peacefully at his home in Savannah, Georgia,? according to a statement on Allman?s official website. ?Gregg struggled with many health issues over the past several years. During that time, Gregg considered being on the road playing music with his brothers and solo band for his beloved fans, essential medicine for his soul. Playing music lifted him up and kept him going during the toughest of times.?

Allman was born on Dec. 8, 1947, in Nashville. He was also born a ramblin? man, if his band?s 1973 classic rock hit was any indication. He, along with his brother Duane, helped to create one of the most successful classic rock bands of all time. With that came not just music, but drugs, women and ? at times ? tragedy, including the early death of Duane.

In his later years, Allman developed hepatitis C, and suffered from an irregular heartbeat and a respiratory infection and had to have a liver transplant. In 2017, he canceled a planned summer tour, sparking worries about his health. 

Allman was born to Willis Allman, a WWII veteran who stormed Normandy Beach, came back to his bride after the war, and had two sons. His father?s life was cut short when Gregg was just 2 years old. After Willis Allman offered a stranger a ride home from a bar one night, the man fatally shot him in the back.

Neither Gregg nor Duane showed any interest in emulating their father?s military career. The boys hated the military school their mother sent them to, but found their footing in music while there, according to Rolling Stone.

?I learned to play mostly from black people,? Allman told The Guardian in 2015. ?We used to listen to a station that called itself ?The black spot on your dial.? It played Muddy Waters and Howlin? Wolf, and it hit Duane and me like spaghetti hitting a wall.?

By the time the Allman Brothers Band was formed in 1969, Gregg and Duane were legitimate country hippies ? long-haired, drug-smoking free-loving spirits. Duane played guitar, with Gregg on vocals. Other founding members of the band included drummers ?Butch? Trucks and Jai ?Jaimoe? Johnny Johnson, along with ?Dickey? Betts on guitar and Berry Oakley on bass.

The Allman Brothers Band blended country, jazz, blues and Southern rock in such seamless riffs, pounding drums and twangy vocals that it earned them a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, and a Lifetime Achievement award at the Grammys in 2012. The movie ?Almost Famous? was also, in part, inspired by the band.

The Allman Brothers Band produced their biggest hits in the late ?60s and early ?70s, including ?Ramblin? Man,? ?Midnight Rider? and ?Whipping Post.? During this time, the band experimented heavily with drugs and attracted many groupies on tour.

?Gregg was just a pretty boy,? drummer Butch Trucks told Rolling Stone in 1999. ?He had blond hair, and the girls were hanging all over him.?

In his book My Cross To Bear, Gregg bragged about his sexual exploits.

?I would have women in four or five different rooms,? Allman wrote about staying in hotels while on tour. ?Mind you, I wouldn?t lie to anybody; I?d just say, ?I?ll be right back.??

During those earlier years, he and his bandmates were also experimenting with drugs, including (but not limited to) PCP, cocaine and speed. The band loved psychedelic mushrooms so much, they made them their unofficial logo and tattooed a mushroom on each of their calves, according to Rolling Stone.

In 1971, just as the band found itself being propelled into stardom, Duane Allman died in a motorcycle accident. He was  24.

?Duane was the king of laughter, always making jokes,? Gregg Allman told The Guardian in 2015. ?You?ve got to keep laughing. It was what Duane would have done, and wanted us to do.?

At Duane?s funeral, Gregg played songs on his older brother?s antique guitar.

?This is a very old guitar, a very beautiful piece,? he said to a crowd of 300. ?It was made in 1920 and I?m very proud to have it. And I?m very proud that you all came.?

In 1975, Allman married singer Cher in Las Vegas. The marriage lasted nine days, ending after Allman allegedly pulled a knife on her while trying to score heroin. They reconciled after learning Cher was pregnant with their son, Elijah Blue.

In 1977, Cher divorced Allman for good. The final straw was reportedly at an awards show, when Allman passed out face-first in a plate of spaghetti.

?Every now and then,? Allman wrote in his 2012 memoir, ?I?ll think of all the hell I caused other people over the years.? 

Allman eventually embraced sobriety. 

?I?m doing great,? Allman told the Savannah Morning News in 2013. ?I?ve been clean and sober for 19 years.?

Rest easy, midnight rider. 

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story gave the wrong year of Allman?s birth. Language has also been changed regarding Allman?s role in ?Rambling Man.?

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psychopathological 26_rdr Definitely the best source of pop music!